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This is me, in 600 words or less.

Hey-all! Karlee Flores here! I’m the everything behind this website. Recipe developer, writer, photographer and pun making extraordinaire.

I’m a wife and proud to be one. Being a spouse is so much easier when you are with a guy like Daniel. He is a top notch human. Daniel gave me unconditional love and a bomb diggity recipe for flour tortillas and for that I will always be in his debt. Bonus points: he laughs at my jokes.

Food blogger, Karlee Flores of Olive and Artisan, walks through a month in the life.

We call Oregon home, for now. No real plans in the works but we always have that feeling that we could pick up and leave anytime. Sorry, Mom. We are drawn to the South however; we both have a strong fear of humidity and creepy crawlers, respectively. But we love southern hospitality and biscuits.

My blog is about my daily life and the food I make. I want this place to be a journal of sorts. Where I can look back and remember all the stages of my life. All the memories and the grade A people who surround me.

I started cooking when I was 5 and I think my Cough Syrup & Salted Rice was a big success amongst my dolls and their dinner guests. I cooked my first real meal at the age of 11, fajitas, because my dad said they were too expensive to order at Los Dos Amigos. Fajitas turned into bread which turned into cakes and then crème’ brule. And all of that turned into a curiosity for food culture, food science and the concept of portion control.

This place is first and foremost a food blog, and a darn good one at that. I want to bring recipes that reflect:

A) My all American family. My Grandma was a Baker. My Aunt is a Baker. My Mom is a Foods Teacher. Karlee, Pun Making Extraordinaire.

B) My Mexican/El Salvadorian family I married in. I’ve eaten pretty well this last decade thanks to poposas and tamale making parties with Abuelita. I’ve found that there is less room for error which brings forward consistency and a lot of lectures about the proper spoon to use while spreading the masa. They are all to thank for stretching my culinary curiosity and waste line.

C) Whatever I want.

Food blogger, Karlee Flores of Olive and Artisan, walks through a month in the life.

My kitchen is filled with Billy Joel, Fiona Apple and some occasional 80’s montage music thrown in for good measure. It houses a lot of butter and a few crumbs behind my Kitchen Aid mixer. This place is a journey, not a destination. So if you’re into someone talking about food and a side of self-deprecating humor, I’m you’re girl. If you’re okay with me being brutally honest about taboo subjects like infertility and Type One Diabetes, I like you already.

Come on in and grab a chair. I’ll make some coffee and we can talk about the latest, hard hitting, pop culture news. Enter your e-mail in the subscribe section to get an alert every time there is a new post. Be looking for an e-mail with details for a Spring 2018 Cake decorating workshop. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates and behind the scenes looks at the mess in my kitchen. Follow me on Pinterest for sporadic rage pinning sessions. Facebook too if that is your kind of thing. Sometimes, I even do Twitter.

I appreciate you stopping by! Let’s keep in touch.



Food blogger, Karlee Flores of Olive and Artisan, walks through a month in the life.