Welcome to my corner of the web! My name is Karlee Flores and I’m the recipe developer, creator, photographer and stylist behind this blog. I’m married to the cutest taste tester in the world, Daniel, and we spend our days in a small house in Oregon, eating food, watching movies, rooting for our favorite teams and enjoying time with our family and friends who we consider kin.

Here you will find recipes that are colorful, tasty, impressive and, because they are tailored for the home cook, within reach. This is a place where I get to write down my own scratch recipes and some family recipes too because food is best served with people you love.

Meet the food blogger, Karlee Flores. The blogger behind the blog Olive and ArtisanMy blog is for all you home cooks out there! (Hellooooo). Maybe you’re running around with young kids and don’t have the inspiration for dinner tonight. (I gotcha). Maybe you’re a novice cook and need recipes that are more than just “easy” but also extraordinary and feasible. (Girl, I gotcha). Maybe you’re a foodie who’s been cooking for years but want fresh dinner ideas after a long working day. (Still here). Or maybe you want to waltz into a party with the most scrumptious cake. (Let’s do this).

I develop these recipes with simplicity in mind. We’re all busy. But shortcuts never got us anything other than chemicals and genetically-modified wheat. Simple can be a place where we enjoy the process of making food–turning on Cole Porter with a glass of pinot noir, pressing garlic with the side of a knife, tuning out the world.

I like to write about the little moments. My life is not perfect. I’m not Ina. Gosh, I wish I was though. I struggle with balance and making sure I have enough time in my day for what’s important. I’ve also recently been diagnosed with type one diabetes and learning that is a process. But, life is more than our circumstance.

Most of my food draws inspiration from my life and the people in it. I might share my grandma’s egg noodle recipe or something deeply personal. Real food, real talk, real butter. For me, food is not only about the flavors, but also about the experience–the memories that come to mind when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie and all the feels you get once the dishwasher is humming in your clean kitchen.

Meet the food blogger, Karlee Flores. The blogger behind the blog Olive and ArtisanOlive and Artisan emerged from broken dreams and I couldn’t be happier that it did.  It’s come so far since its inception in September 2015. I discovered a deep love for food photography and my unknown desire to write like Carrie Bradshaw. A lot of dreams come and go but this dream has blossomed into one of the happiest places on earth for me. Which is why I hope you enjoy it too!

So if you love supporting dreams, and the smell of a Lemon Thyme Pot Roast coming outcha’ oven, then sign up for my e-mail list. You can find the subscription on the sidebar or on your mobile device by scrolling down this page. As always, I’d love to connect with you too! Feel free to ask any questions from cooking to photography or just stop by and say hi! Comment, e-mail and keep in touch. Let’s get cooking!