Karlee here!! With another round up of my life as a food blogger :)

This is the diary of Karlee Flores

Hey-all! Karlee Flores here! I’m the everything behind this website. Recipe developer, writer, photographer and pun making extraordinaire. I’m passionate about developing mouth watering recipes that are balanced with amazing flavor combos. Also, photography. And, music. And, the 90’s. Oh! and…

Being a spouse is so much easier when you are with a guy like Daniel. He is a top notch human. Daniel gave me unconditional love and a bomb diggity recipe for flour tortillas and for that I will always be in his debt. Bonus points: he laughs at my jokes.

Olive and Artisan About Me

We call Oregon home. It’s cold, rainy and immeasurably beautiful. Plus the Summers!? I’m not sure if this place is our forever but right now, it’s home and we are happy.

My blog is about my daily life and the food I make. But even more than that, I want this space to be lighthearted in a heavy world. So we can laugh together over a virtual cup of coffee. Days can be heavy, the news can be hard, life can get you down but let’s escape together and make these cookies, shall we? Being in the kitchen makes all the world melt away. This blog has become my safe place and I hope it’s that for you too.

My goal in every recipe is to make life changing flavor combinations. I’m a firm believer that we need to satisfy every taste in each bite. That means balancing the correct amount of savory and sweet then cooling the spice down with a warm hint of cinnamon. Maybe it’s an obsession with lemon zest or a addiction to fresh herbs but you’d be hard pressed to find a recipe of mine without one of those.

This is my passion in life: Creating that perfect first bight of food that makes your eyes roll back and your heart lift in happiness.

Also, making pretty cakes.

And listening to Podcasts about unsolved murders.

Plus treasure hunting for pogs, butterfly clips, scrunchies and all my childhood things.

My kitchen is filled with Billy Joel, Fiona Apple and some occasional 80’s montage music thrown in for good measure. It houses a lot of butter and a few crumbs behind my Kitchen Aid mixer. This place is a journey, not a destination. So if you’re into someone talking about food and a side of self-deprecating humor, I’m you’re girl. If you’re okay with me being brutally honest about taboo subjects like infertility and Type One Diabetes, I like you already.

Olive and Artisan About Me

Come on in and grab a chair. I’ll make some coffee and we can talk about the latest, hard hitting, pop culture news. Enter your e-mail in the subscribe section to get an alert every time there is a new post. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates and my “Cooking with Karlee” show every Friday on my stories or live! Join me cooking one of my recipes in my kitchen and jamming to whatever music I’ve been listening to lately. Follow me on Pinterest for sporadic rage pinning sessions. Facebook too if that is your kind of thing. Sometimes, I even do Twitter.

And if you want to meet up, be sure to buy a ticket to my Cake Decorating Workshop February 3rd, 2018. Tickets will go on sale early December 2017! Cannot WAIT.

I appreciate you stopping by! Let’s keep in touch.